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    Golden State CrossFit Boxing has moved to Steel Barbells in Sherman Oaks. Please let us know if you need any more info. We are here to help. Humble Hands Boxing Steel Barbells, classes start on December 1, 2015.
This Saturday, October 11, 2014 is our Steel Barbells Community Day and the start of our 6 Week Turkey Day Paleo Challenge and the beginning of What is the 6 Week Turkey Day Paleo Challenge? 6 weeks of eating clean to shock the hell out of your family members on Thanksgiving Day.  We will be
October 11, 2014,Saturday is the launch of The Most Hated Boot Camp and the same day as our Steel Barbells Community Day! What is Community Day? Its the day friends, family, anyone is invited to come on in and check out Steel Barbells! We are of course firing up the grill! Please let us know
Its coming! Most Hated BootCamp! 1: 18 planned sessions, 6 week program 2: Weekly homework 3: 6 week nutritional guide 4: Support from fellow participants/coaches 5: Mental and physical toughness 6: Private Facebook Member Page to motivate each other and offer suggestions 7: Most Hated BootCamp TShirt 8: Fitness education 9: Last Day BBQ party!
The registration has officially started! We are getting the $50 VIP tickets just so we dont have to wait in line all day long for just one ride! We can go over and over again! Sign up asap, this event will sell out!



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